oh the Caspian Sea!

My hotel view is magnificent.  It’s on the 16th floor of an office building and it’s pink!  First thing I did in my room–after spending 5 minutes with light switches on and off only to realize it was my key that had all power access-was open the window and voila!  There it is–the lovely Caspian Sea. WOW.  it’s so great to be here and know that this is truly a special experience.  Thanks for having us on the program this year US State Dept and AMA!

Our travel to get here was met with some challenges that we faced head on with aplomb and with Gluhwein!  Yes–we had a longer layover than expected in Vienna and so off we went into Wien mitte for the Christmas market celebration.  Only 3 Euros for a cup of that sweet wine and then some yummy potato pancakes and roasted chestnuts.   It was nice to  have a moment in a familiar city and to feel the European kind of holiday cheer.

But it has been a tiring double red eye kind of travel and I feel a fatigue that is part floating zombie and part excited tourist!!  How can I just go to sleep when there is local cuisine to try out and city lights tempting me? I’m sure there is some 80’s dancing tonight somewhere.  Or maybe Karaoke and I do know the Azerbajiani Eurovision hit song, “Running Scared”!!  In fact we played it this afternoon at our first concert with some local music students in the town of Gusar.   We loved the unison applause and the support and enthusiasm from our audience.   And then on the drive home, we all sacked out!

tomorrow’s adventure includes coffee first thing….


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