Working with students on our tour

One of the most rewarding, sweet and pleasurable activities on this great adventure is working with music students in every country.   These young people are creative, bright, and brave, because we are bringing some new material and challenges.   We are making so many young friends.   To see the smiling faces of these young artists and to hear heartfelt melodies pour from them through their instruments or voices makes me feel like the world is smaller and we are so much the same everywhere.

Some of the students remind me of my own kids who I miss so so much. (I am so grateful for Skype).  Some are the same age and I want to share these experiences with my daughter and son…as much as they can stand until they don’t want to see one more photo or hear one more story.    So many remind me of my students at home.   There is a lot of music happening around the world made by kids.  What a gift.

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