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Everywhere we go we are meeting warm people from the embassies, the people who are helping put events together, and so many music students who we have been getting to know in our short time in each stop. Lot’s of cameras are snapping with many many pictures and I recommend that you visit our facebook page, as there is a great deal to look at and some videos. In particular, there is a new video of some music students in Tetovo singing a song with such a beautiful melody. I was in a small classroom with them. We had just done our presentation for them. Some students played for Dina, Alisa, and Jess and these students excitedly pulled me into a different classroom and sang and danced. They sang an Albanian song, a Macedonian song, and then we all belted out Rolling in the Deep together by Adele. This experience, along with dancing with music students in Bitola where we spent yesterday, are the highlights of our experience here. We felt the same way in Azerbaijan interacting with young musicians. It’s such an honor to be able to do this. The travel is hard. We are sleep deprived and the schedule is very busy, but what a gift to be able to connect with amazing and bright young people with the language of music. Music really does bring people together!

And now a shout out to my students. I miss you!! I hope you are having a wonderful month. Hi hi hi!

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