Live on Azeri TV!

 Videoda ANS TV və ANS ÇM radiosunun aparıcısı Cavid Osmanovun ABŞ-dan olan Real Vocal String Quartet-i ilə “Salam Azerbaycan” səhər şousunda oxuduğu Bob Dilan – ın Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door hitinin akustik versiyasıdır.

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  1. Hi to all! Jess, great to read about the wonderful adventures of RVSQ during these past few weeks. I knew the young students would love meeting your group and hearing your beautiful music. And RVSQ is being treated to so much local music, too! Music is the universal language, and so quickly brings people together. Thanks for sharing many of your experiences with everyone at home. Stay warm and safe journeys.

    P.S. String Class is going well. We’re continuing to work on Bach and Grieg. Tara is quite helpful, and not taking the Bach too fast. The Monday night orchestra had a concert on Dec. 1st. The orchestra sounded very good, and Joanna played a beautiful viola solo.
    Best to all, Marcia Nute

    Best to all, Marcia Nute

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