It’s Alive! and well and living in SF!

Gordon’s alive!!  Flash–we only have 24 hours to save the earth!!

So glad it’s Obama still in the white house before we embark on a month-long residency representing the good ole US of A.  We can be proud of our country that much more and the fact that we are going overseas to play our music and supported by the US State Deparment. How cool is that?!

My friend Sandy said this is a program that started with Louis Armstrong during the cold war in the 1950’s when he brought his horn to the Pyramids in Giza. I am proud to continue the tradition and bringing my own ax to some famous and probably not so famous spots.  He said there’s a book (kinda academic) that gives a bit of history to it all called, “Satchmo blows up the world” and well…I got a lot of flights ahead of me for reading….check out the link here for your own education.

next stop: red eye from SFO to Dulles!!