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  1. Thanks guys for clarifying the siaottiuns. I would suppose that if Armenian TV is as bad as some claimed in this blog then internet would be a very good alternative source for news, and therefore, I would suppose that many would want to to get connected. But I guess my suppositions aren’t correct.Observer- what a difference huh, 50% of the population is mobile while only 6% is online. I wounder why 50% of that small country needs to be mobile. When I lived there and I had to talk with someone I usually walked to the place. Anyway. Is this because the ordinary phone lines are more expansive? So I guess the conclusion is, as AH pointed out, that people don’t have internet because they smoke. I suppose though that this is the male population. At any rate, the situation isn’t as depressing as it seemed at the beginning. If as sem63 pointed out, there isn’t much happening online in their lives then why bother especially because they can spend that money on cigarettes.

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